X8, at the nexus of all things creative (fashion, art, entertainment) and the future, is a new cross-industry value-added venture company, and seed-stage fund, for creative projects that converge and evolve in both the Real World and the Metaverse. 

X8’s mission is to empower those who dare to dismantle the past, unsettle the present, and create a new and more exciting world for all - morphing the present into the future, and the physical with the virtual.

X8 leverages its global network of creatives, brand-building expertise, technology and design teams, and manufacturing capabilities.



Won Lee, from South Korea, has had an eclectically creative background developing hospitality projects with mega real estate groups such as CBRE, Prodigy and Soho House, as well as a $50M Media/Light Art project in a futuristic botanic garden in Jeju Island. He has consulted for several high-growth brands and advised many aspiring artists. Prior to co-founding X8, Lee had a tenure as CEO/CCO of Gentle Monster eyewear seeing its rapid rise as one of the world’s biggest eyewear brands.



Nikhil ‘Ra’ Sharma is an Indian entrepreneur and creative projects specialist who has had a diverse background working on projects with a variety of brands such as Louis Vuitton, Vanity Fair, Playboy, Chanel Beauté, Dior Beauté, and Van Cleef & Arpels to name a few; co-producing the only two Internet Music Pioneer Awards honoring David Bowie and Prince at the very birth of online music; and partnering on special projects with all kinds of unique artists and technologists from Silicon Valley icon Sean Parker (Napster, Facebook, Spotify) to Fashion photography legend, Ellen von Unwerth.

Ra also spent a few years working in the film industry, ending up Executive Producing a film, 360, shot in 7 countries, that opened BAFTA – directed by Oscar nominated Fernando Mereilles, written by Oscar nominated writer Peter Morgan and starring Anthony Hopkins, Jude Law and Rachel Weisz.

Prior to co-founding X8, Ra had his own project development, consulting and global networking company called Visions of the World.