A lingerie and denim line by the intergalactic avant-garde namesake New York designer, Kaimin, harnesses the power of the digital space, technological innovation, and the resourcefulness of sustainability. Kaimin's cyber-goddess looks have been worn by the most unconventional women in entertainment from Lady Gaga to Björk to Nicki Minaj.

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“Walk” spelled backwards, KLAW is a new Brooklyn based footwear collection designed for the universal activity of walking. Science, technology, and conscious design are at the forefront of the minds of the KLAW creators to encourage us all to walk to the future

Launching Fall 2021. See more.


The first product-design project developed by X8 Creative, is an eyewear collection designed by Petra Ekborn with Willow Smith and Harry Hudson as the faces of the campaign. The project is inspired by psychoanalyst Carl Jung’s Animus and Anima, a theory in analytical psychology that describes the feminine and masculine duality of our unconscious minds. 

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The classic Circus was a fantastical, marvelous spectacle of artists, magicians, personalities, and performers that traveled from place to place and even around the world. 

The X8 Neo Circus, a members’ only live/work/experiential development in both the Real and Metaverse worlds, takes the vision to the future aiming to stimulate the eyes. minds and hearts with real and digital products, art collectibles, stories, exhibitions, live performances. and space projects. X8 Neo Circus will bring together and collaborate with artists, stars and avatars from all over the world supported by X8 Creative in South Korea and tech development by the X8 Metaverse Technology Studios built in India.

Launching 2022.