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The Light of Black Sunlight

Grace Wales Bonner illuminates a world of Caribbean thought and Black British intellectualism

In the concluding chapter of a trilogy of collections by designer Wales Bonner revealing the threads between Britain and the Caribbean, The Light of Black Sunlight highlights the journey of Black intellectualism throughout the world.

Produced in collaboration with Jamaican filmmaker Jeano Edwards, The Light of Black Sunlight transforms Wales Bonner’s Autumn/Winter 2021 collection into a dream sequence with reveries of postcolonial thought and inspired designs.

Shot in a dislocation of places—Port Antonio and Kingston in Jamaica and London’s Goodenough College—each locus connects to a roll sheet of scholars, poets, and artists who left the Caribbean, India, and West Africa to share their knowledge and dreams of the future. The words of Saint Lucian Nobel Prize-winning poet Derek Walcott reverberate through the film in hypnotic stanzas complemented by the rich diasporic sounds of musician Laraaji.